Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What about the covers? no 12

For 2009 - No.12 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!

vinyl sleeve art front/back

vinyl inner sleeve art

AllMusic in it's review of the album says "It's Blitz!'s images of a woman's hand bursting an egg and fleshy tomatoes and mushrooms spread across an otherwise empty pizza box are surprising, immediate, and strangely sensual, and that goes double for the actual music". Indeed. The photography by David Belisle is what makes this album cover stand out from the rest this year, probably making it cover of the year. And by spot-varnishing the egg splash, they make it stand out even more! The inside of the album looks like a pizza box with the cd itself being the pizza and the band member's heads replacing mushrooms and stuff on it. There are also some photos by Autumn DeWilde and Eric Uhlir. Art direction is by Seb Marling and Karen O.

For the 00's - no.12 - Underworld - Oblivion With Bells

inner concertina Japan

inner concertina USA

inner concertina UK

John Warwicker is the art director on Oblivion. His company, tomato, is responsible for some of the most inspiring design around us today (check their projects and you will understand what i 'm talking about). The inner sleeve is a concertina which had different inner images according to the country of issue (europe, japan, us). The whole feel is perfectly co-ordinated with the music inside the cd, urban, atmospheric, modern. The tomato team also does Underworld's video clips.

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