Friday, December 11, 2009

What about the covers? no 10

For 2009 - no.10 - Röyksopp - Junior

The last sketch is unused art from Leslie David

Well, the photo on the cover is by Stian Andersen, who has done quite a bit of album cover photography in Scandinavia (A-ha anyone?). The rest of the photographs are from Jan Alsaker, Paul Wesley Griggs and Samantha Rapp. But the star here is Leslie David, the graphic designer behind the whole thing. His work is reminiscent of the 80's but with a contemporary vibe. And he is one of the artists that still puts pencil to paper and that counts a lot for me.

For the 00's - no.10 - Morrissey - You Are The Quarry

First of all I think this is the first time Moz appears dressed in a suit on an album cover. Secondly the title is not in quotation marks for the very first time in one of his albums. He looks like an American mob member, brandishing a Thompson sub machine gun, which is the typical weapon of everyone in the prohibition era, also known as the Tommy Gun. The logo of the record company (Moz's own) is the same gun, black on pink except on the cover. The photo is taken by the famous photographer Greg Gorman. Gorman prefers working in black and white so it is a bit of a departure for him. There is a version with grey instead of pink background used for the Deluxe Edition of the CD.
Apart from the cover though there is not anything worth mentioning from the rest of the album design - there is none. Simple lettering and colours (yellow inside, pink outside). The design credit goes to Morrissey along with Scott King (who did Roisin's "Overpowered"). They probably got tired after doing the cover and called it quits. Shame.

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