Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top 20 Countdown - no.11

For 2009

No.11 - Montt Mardié - Skaizerkite

Unfortunately his best and most coherent album to date is his last as a solo artist. Montt Mardié (aka David Pagmar) will be a member of the group Monty from now on. But that does not stop me from enjoying this precious collection of gems. He's Swedish of course.

For the 00's

No.11 - The Organ - Grab That Gun

They made only one album and then called it quits. But what an album! Brash, combining pop and new wave elements with modern music sensibilities, it manages to sound superb despite a seemingly monotonous palette of strong guitars and droning organ sounds. Canadians...


  1. το organ εννοώ.. το άλλο ούτε που το ήξερα