Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Covertex stand

These are photos of the stand I designed for the company Covertex - they make bed linen in Greece, which they also design themselves - some of their collections are wonderful.

I used my favorite color - lime green - on this, as it matched their collection colors well. The imitation bed was their idea - it suited them better than real ones, which they also use in the back. I would have preferred a more minimal approach but the costs had to be kept to a minimum, so, for their budget, I think they got a really nice and functional stand.

I will be helping them organize their first shop in the next month, but not design too much there, unfortunately, as it will be based on the already existing showroom. I hope to post some of their stuff online, the designs and colors are very good. Their quality is great too and with their price range, a steal.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Top Design Bedroom online

I did the bedroom too - it is so annoying to work with so limited choice of colors and samples but then again, a good exercise! Again, click the title to see it.

Top Design Living Room online

BravoTV had a reality show called Top Design, with interior designers competing in various assignments. We do not get that in Greece but the website is fun and has a quirky feature: online design of a space! You can choose between a living room and a bedroom and have a go! The furniture and color swatches are not all to my liking but I gave it a try and here is the living room I designed (click the title to see it).

Let me know what you think... I will try and make a bedroom next.