Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What about the covers? - no.19

for 2009 - no.19 - Florence And The Machine - Lungs

front cover

back cover

insert (photo courtesy of Richard Lartey)

while the photograph on the cover looks good, fitting with the image Florence promoted with this album, the bland fonts and boring black frame utterly destroy it. "Modern Victoriana" galore throughout, with its modern tinge approprately done by the insert photos and fragments of lyrics scattered among them. I love the fact that she is wearing the lungs as a corset, under the flimsy string blouse. Ans she is posing in front of a curtain (whose pieces now are included in a limited edition box set of the album. Talk about leaving nothing to chance!).
The art direction was done by Florence and Tabitha Denholm, one half of the Queens of Noise DJ team. She was the director of Florence's video clip for Rabbit Heart as well (check previous post). The other half of Queens, is the groups manager. Talk about an extended family! Layout was done by Hugh Frost and the lungs illustration on the back cover was done by Maccabees' front man Orlando Weeks. Photography is by Tom Beard (studio shots) and Wade Fletcher (live shots)

for 00's - no.19 - Goldfrapp - Supernature

Appropriately dark and seductive, the cover here reminds me of Guy Bourdin's photos from the 70s. Brilliant all around. Funny thing is this cover as the above, features a curtain again! The typography is reminiscent of disco era album sleeves and Alison is always a pleasure to see on the cover of course. Mat Maitland has done a lot of work for Warner Bros Records and all the Beck covers (almost). And that peackock tail...

Art direction: Alison Goldfrapp, Mat Maitland & Gerard Saint
Set design: Rachel Thomas
Photography: Ross Kirton

Thanks to lkrory21 for the help!


  1. Anonymous9:54 pm

    ΜΑ, ΣΟΥ ΛΕΩ,

    ΗΜΟΥΝΑ ΣΙΓΟΥΡΗ-ΣΙΓΟΥΡΗ-ΣΙΓΟΥΡΗ πως θα σου άρεσε η Φλώρα (άλλη Feist με πιο ωραία μπούτια). Άντε μωρέ από κει! Αχ, τι ωραία που ΔΕΝ μου άρεσε το lp και μπορώ να σε κράξω! Καλά... δεν λέω ότι θα το έβαζα και στα χειρότερα..αλλά..μπααα.
    Florence and the machine! Σιγά μην πετάξετε βρε!

  2. Κι εγώ ήμουν σίγουρος ότι θα την έκραζες, όπως το 99% των ελλήνων μουσικολόγων. Εσείς χάνετε! Άντε να ακούσετε καμιά Μελούα να έρθετε στα ίσια σας! :-P

  3. Anonymous5:59 pm


    Δεν την κράζουν ρε συ, ίσα-ίσα. Την έχουν πλασάρει πολύ θα έλεγα.

    Τες παντ. Για να σε δω σήμερα!


  4. Δουλειά είμαι γι αυτό και δεν ανεβασα ποστ ακόμα. Απόψε τα ωραία! Και έκτακτη εκπομπή, 8-10!