Friday, December 04, 2009

Top 20 Countdown - no.17

For 2009

No.17 - Loney Dear - Dear John

Sweden is a hotbed of good music. There must be something in the water, I cannot explain it otherwise. This fifth(!) album of multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen finds him with all the usual characteristics of the Scandinavian music wave (charming melodies, great beats, melancholy mood) but with a personality all of his own. Lovely dear Emil.

For the 00's

No.17 - Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted to Sin

She finally did it. So many years she kept on releasing mediocre albums that other ladies would kill for. Not to say this one is without flaws, far from it. But she's back in top song-writing form again for more than two or three tunes on an album that could use some fine editing - then it would be perfection. But who is perfect?

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