Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And what about the covers? No.20

To make the top-20 album countdown that my blog takes part in a little bit more relevant to design, I decided to search a bit around the design of the covers of the featured albums. Let us see then the covers of the albums that are at my no.20 and how they came to be.

for 2009 - no.20 La Roux - La Roux

Art Direction and Design : Alex Brown and Traffic
Photography : Andy Whitton
Street Photography : Alexander Brown

Alex says in his website: " When we started the project, we were always really into this idea of a futuristic version of Brixton, it having a bladerunner-esque quality which we could tap into. I met Elly several times in Brixton where we would wander round the markets and alleyways, finding all the cool little corners which would make an awesome shot. Taking influence from everything from watchmen to streets of rage, it was a long process of getting something right. I took the photograph underneath the Brixton station overpass, where someone threatened to stab me! Luckily he didnt and I got the image!"
Overall great work and very distinct, if not unusual. I like the font used on the front cover and the colours of the photographs are strong like the singer, yet fiery, contrary to her seemingly ice-queen persona.

for 00's - no.20 - Konstantinos Vita - 2

Strangely enough there is no mention whatsoever about the sleeve design for the soundtrack of the dance show "2" by Dimitris Papaioannou. Usually K. Vita always has first and last word for his covers, usually making them himself. But this is too polished for him and surely was made by the people that made the whole promotional material for the show. Since Dimitris Papaioannou also was the main responsible for those, I bet he had something to do with it, along with Athina Tsaggari, Matt Johnson and Kyriakos Karseras. If anyone knows anything more, please let me know.

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