Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Top 20 Countdown - no.20

for 2009

no.20 La Roux - La Roux

She's calling out with a voice that manages to remind all the 80's electro-pop female singers from Annie Lennox to Alison Moyet through Toya Wilcox and Annabel Lamb. Great music with the right touch of sadness in it that elevates it above the usual. Cannot wait to see how they evolve.

for the 00's

no.20 Konstantinos Vita - 2

Music that manages to hit you in all the right spots and make itself indispensable to your life. One of the best albums ever released by a Greek artist. A soundtrack for life.


  1. kalo mina kai kalo dimopsifisma n'exoume !!
    (pou tha exoume :-) )

  2. περιμένω με ενδιαφέρον και τα υπόλοιπα - στον κ βήτα με βρίσκεις σύμφωνο (η φωνή της ελι μου σπάει τα νεύρα). καλό μήνα!

  3. gmt

    ksexasa na afisw xwro gia to 2 sto top 30 mou. tora tha prepei na kanw top 20 soundtracks gia na epanorthwsw