Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting ready for this year's countdown...

Starting tomorrow, my blog will be participating on the annual top-20 best albums of the year countdown organized by Gone4Sure, like in the previous two years. This means that each day you will be able to see a post about one of my 20 favourite records of this year. To make things even more interesting, we will be also posting our top-20 albums of the decade that ends as well.

The bloggers participating this year are 84:

dustroad, Dark Tyler, Stratos, lkrory21, Thod, A Pagan Place, Another Day Full Of Dread, mean mr mustards sister, kapetank, Depecher, Narita, Aggelos, oksikemia, inverted_a, laternative (Σταύρος), laternative (Παναγιώτης), No Heathen, Mixalis E, Greg, Schottkey, Gsus, pan pan (μόνο για τη δεκαετία), Chemical Robert, meteoritis, g – airborn toxic events, georgethebeast, blu velvet, Antiparos-blog, Silent Crossing, The Robot, twee, pav, Homo Ludens, Mr. Arkadin, Fotis Vallatos, ibis, Indictos, mimis, nek, humantraFFFic, Michael Sc, enteka, serpentine pad, Dionisis, apotospitimou, lost.ghost, ody, onewillburnmusic, Πάνος, kool thinks, noizine, vkp, tosio murphy, kleine meine, dumb dog, mezzanine, γκαβός και κοντός (μόνο για τη χρονιά), ZacGk, the girl from back then, b side, one man show, Roadrunner, mitrelino, kazama, Thanos, littlefluffuclouds, gogo, cortazar, komp, impressed guy, flp, number 6, musicitizen, soul auctioneer, stereo, lucia, la maestra, arrostia, manbat, giannis Drakos, manolis, Μιχάλης Τσαντίλας, fuzzy burlesque, kostas

I will keep posting the usual design-related things in-between, so I hope it is not too boring for those who do not care about music (I hope you do!)


  1. Anonymous3:49 am

    ready steady go!!!

  2. Anonymous1:04 pm

    ΑΝΑΡΤΗΣΕΙΣ ΣΟΥ;;;;;;;;;;;;;