Saturday, November 14, 2009

IKEA 2010 catalogue favourites

I am a bit late in posting my favourites from the IKEA catalogue this year, but better late than never! I must say I am constantly surprised by how many things are still more expensive (sometimes with a big mark up) in Greece than other European countries. And I don't think the market size is the only issue here. Hmmm... Let's check out what attracted me this year.

The cover reminds me so much of a big doll-house...

The yellow wall and the red IKEA PS steel cupboard put a splash of colour I really like here.

The BAROMETER floor lamp (at the forefront by the white sofa) looks amazing - I think I need one in my living room...

The POANG armchair now comes with the Webbing seat in black - and my favourite wood colour, maple.

I love the wall colour (green of course, how surprising) and what they did with the photos and sketche around the door - brilliant idea!

This bed is great, with lots of storage room under it. The head board is an old - time favourite that returns, but the pine wood makes it hard to combine with my own (maple), so I am not getting it.

Another great bed, especially for kids-teens, but I'd rather have it in white.

Great set-up although it does feel a bit hotel-room like.

Green things - hurrah! The glass IKEA PS BRUNN vase is a new favourite.

The star of this year's catalogue, the PS MASKROS pendant lamp, designed by Marcus Arvonen is a masterpiece! And I am proud to call it my own!

Great price for these, and they do come really handy in the kitchen!

This entrance area is looking so cool. I might get one of these for my own hall too!

Formerly a kitchen/living room table, it now metamorphoses into a desk. Lovely.

Green wool carpet...mmm... what? Oh yes, I do have two cats... one can dream though...

The green panels might soon find a way into my living room and dining room too...

The KULLA pendant lamp looks very stylish in black.

Another great desk lamp, FORSA reminds me of the Pixar famous animated lamp.

All images courtesy of IKEA. This blog is in no way affiliated with IKEA and it's Greek representative.

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  1. Η ιδέα με τις κάρτες, φωτογραφίες, ζωγραφιές στο πλαίσιο της πόρτας είναι απίθανη! θα την κάνουμε κι εμείς:)