Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Aids Day 2007 stands in Athens

Sometime in November, we got a request to design a stand for the AIDS Day, to be set up for the Minstry of Health in Athens, in the two most central squares of the city, Syntagma and Omonia. We were supposed to construct it as well, but as their budget was lower than our offer, they just bought the design and made it with another company. Below some photos of the final stands, in Syntagma first:

The quality of the construction was not up to our standards but we had no control over it. Plus the ribbon shape is far from my original design (and I do not think it was difficult to make it like that, see at the end of this post for my original drawings).

And the back of the stand in Syntagma:

Here is the Omonia stand, same design as above:

Another view:

I found the colour (supposedly red) too fuchsia for what it was supposed to be - kind of like a cosmetics advertisement instead of the bloody red AIDS color it was supposed to be - if any of my Athenian readers saw this live, let me know how it looked up close.

And here is the original design - I leave the comments to you (the final graphics were no ready when I did the renderings, so what you see here is my work too).

Another view:

I was very happy to see this realized: it feels like my small contribution to the fight against AIDS.


  1. ωραία η ιδέα σου...δυστυχως το ξεχασα και δεν περασα να το δω..

    (με ζάλισαν αυτά τα comment moderation με τόσα σχόλια που σου άφησα)

  2. Thanks! Το comment moderation είναι ο λόγος που δεν έχω σπαμ σχόλια ή ποπ-απ παραθυράκια ακόμα...