Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2007 Top-20 Countdown - No.2

Best Albums of 2007 - No.2

Jens Lekman - Night Falls Over Kortedala

What to say for this young Scandinavian who has stolen my heart and keeps it for himself? With this third collection of his recordings, he proves he is here to stay. Incredible melodies, infused with a wide variety of samples and influences, that have touched me profoundly. His witty and ironic lyrics describe love like few have, without ever being tedious or sugary. Listening to his songs, I find myself in them again and again. They must be putting something in the water up there in Scandinavia. Miss this at your own peril.

"There will be no kisses tonight...
There will be no holding hands tonight
Cause what is now wasn't there before
And should not be
I know I've broken some hearts, I understand
Some firecrackers blow up in your hand
Though I've fucked up I've always tried to be true
And I would never kiss anyone
Who doesn't burn me like the sun
And I remember every kiss like my first kiss..."

And I Remember Every Kiss (live in Göteborg Film Festival 2006)

Sipping on The sweet Nectar

The Opposite Of Hallelujah (live at Bloomington)

A Postcard To Nina (live at Bloomington)

Into Eternity (live at Bloomington)

Your Arms Around Me (live at Bloomington)

Shirin (live at Bloomington)

Kanske Ar Jag Kar i Dig (live at Bloomington)

Friday Night At the Drive-In Bingo (live at Bloomington)

Worst Albums of 2007 - No.2

Scorpions - Humanity - Hour 1

Desmond Child? Scorpions? In 2007? A concept album? Sheer terror. Auf wiedersehen? Not!


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