Monday, December 10, 2007

2007 TOP-20 Countdown - No.11

Best Albums of 2007 - No.11

kbhta - Argos

kbhta (Konstandinos Vita) is one half of the pioneering electronica Greek group Stereo Nova. His records are becoming more and more perennial favourites in my record player. This one for one more reason: his songs managed uncannily to capture a certain phase of my life in so much detail, it send shivers down my spine... it is as if he knew me and wrote about me... It is a double cd, the first record has the songs, the second has instrumentals. "Argos (Ulysses' faithful dog) is my last stop in a journey, name borrowed to pinpoint that no one comes out unscathed from his own wanderings and travels in life" (kbhta's own words).

A sample of his lyrics:

οι εραστες ενα δασος που εχω χαθει
κι ουτε ξερω που παω
και συ με δακρυα στα ματια ψαχνεις να βρεις
αυτο που θελεις θελω
ποτε ποτε ποτε δεν θα γινω φιλος σου

Lovers a forest where I'm lost
and I do not know where I'm going
and you with tears in your eyes are looking to find
what you want I want
I will never ever ever be your friend

Olo Afto pou pote (All This That Never)

Pote Pote Pote De Tha Gino Filos Sou (I will Never Ever Ever Be Your Friend)

Worst Albums of 2007 - No.11

Shane Ward - Breathless

The nerve some people have is incredible. A clone of Justin Timberlake? Shameless copying even his looks, this guy seems to think that it will help him become...what? Oh probably has helped him get into the beds of the ladies he wanted... The unfortunate thing is that he had to release some cds too... And with Britney's and J-Lo's producers as well. Another X-Factor winner - that says it all. (Someone has to let his record company know that they urgently need a new photographer, stylist and graphic designer!).

No U Hang Up

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