Monday, December 10, 2007

2007 TOP-20 Countdown - No.12

Best Albums of 2007 - No. 12

Info - Periplaneta

Info is a Greek group, they come from my home town of Thessaloniki (like Mikro). Listening to their 2007 release "Periplaneta" (named after a friend's shop that is named after the cockroach) made me proud: electronica with feeling, melodies and beats that grab your feet, heart and mind and make you want to dance and sing with them. Which song to choose from? "Oi Stagones tis Vrohis" (Raindrops), "Ita Vita" (H-B), "Periplaneta" and more...Their future seems promising! Go to their Myspace page here to listen to their songs, as the two clips I found are not of very good quality sound-wise.

Oi Stagones Tis Vrohis (Raindrops)

Ita Vita live at L.I.E.B.E. (fragment)

Worst Albums of 2007 - No.12

Westlife - Back Home

Whatever I wrote in the post about Take That, could very well be written for these guys too. Moreover since they never had a Robin Williams to begin with (don't get me started on Ronan Keating). Formulaic songs and production values, and their good looks are not saving them. And "Home" is written by Michael Buble... Pass.


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