Monday, December 03, 2007

2007 TOP-20 Countdown - No.18

Best albums of 2007 - No.18

MIKRO - Restart

This Greek group comes from my home town, Thessaloniki. Incredibly talented and very successful in Greece, they have managed to sustain an enviable career and release record after record of brilliant pop-electronica. They have their own personal style and know how to please their loyal fans - like me. This record is no exception. Without being avant guard or trying to sound like the most current trends, their songs speak directly to you, making you get up and dance. This record is full of joy, like a summer party you do not want to end - it has everything in it : dance, joy, remembrance, nostalgia, sadness. My favourite track is Afti I Poli (This City), a bit nostalgic and with a slight melancholy feeling running through it, under the dance beat. Another one is Lullabies, with it's dreamy soundscape and Ria's seductive vocals. They even have five English-lyric tracks inside, a first for them, making it easier to sell outside the Greek confines. It may not be an important record for some but it is for me. So enjoy Afti i poli below:

And Lullabies (sound only) here:

Worst albums of 2007 - No.18

Take That - Beautiful World

After a ten year gap, they re-emerged. Why? For them the reasons are obvious. For our poor ears, not so. Plus they do not have Robbie with them. Plus they adopted the Blunt look (gruff, unkempt, intellectual). They have grown up. Not their music though. So they might as well go back to hiatus mode. We can live without them all right.


  1. I may, not post a comment on each and every one of your music posts, but I watch them with much curiosity (there are names I 've never heard before) and much delight...

  2. μου έχει μείνει ακόμα το "στον Πλανήτη Happy...κανείς δεν κλείνει ματι...κάθε μέρα κι άλλο πάρτυ" :P