Saturday, December 08, 2007

2007 Top-20 Countdown - No.13

Best Albums of 2007 - No.13

Pink Martini - Hey Eugene

What to say about Thomas Lauderdale, China Frobes and company? Each time they release an album, they manage to travel me to every corner of the world imaginable. With their retro sound and modern sensibilities, Pink Martini succeed in sounding fresh without resorting to gimmicks or sterile imitation of old songs. Here, their tender crystalline Japan-inspired Taya Tan is my favorite, while all songs manage to bring old memories back, make new and thrill me every time I listen to them. And, if you can, see them live: one of the best live shows in town. In three words: classy and timeless.

Hey Eugene live at David Letterman:


Worst Albums of 2007 - No.13

Sugarbabes - Change

I have lost count (and probably even their record company too) on how many line-up changes have occured to this girl-group. Still, their product is never straying from their tried and tasted formula: their mix of R&B, pop, dance and even some rock-styled guitars (...) sounds as boring and bland as ever.

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  2. gee! I love them (actually, I love Martini, independently of its colour and the cocktail you can find it in)
    Btw, I always read (and love) your musical posts, no matter if I post a comment, afterwards.

  3. Tιιιι,
    ακόμα με τις τρομπέτες μας άφησες;!! Που είναι ο next???

    (πολύ καλοί οι pink martini ! ! !)

    ντύσου, στολίσου, ετοιμάσου... έρχεται ο επόμενος καλύτερος!!
    Όπως σου απάντησα και στον Μετεωρίτη, δεν κατάφερα να σου ανοίξω το ντοσιέ αλλά οι ακτίνες Χ που έχω...

    (χι, χι!! Τα είδα ΟΛΑ ! ! !)