Saturday, December 15, 2007

2007 Top-20 Countdown - No.6

Best Albums of 2007 - No.6

Jack Peñate - Matinee

Jack Peñate is mixing pop, rockabilly, and ska to make his arresting début a record you wither love to death or hate. He is not perfect; but his honesty infusing every single note that comes out of the album makes that fact seem trivial. He is arresting, energetic at most tracks, but also has his sad and melancholy moments. You will find traces of Madness, Housemartins, maybe even Libertines. And if you liked Kate Nash, give this guy a chance. His "Torn On The Platform" is my favourite here as it describes a situation I lived in real life and will forever be linked to that from now on: every time I listen to it it's like a knife cutting through my heart. "My Yvonne" is an amazingly touching ballad, four minutes of love through music. And "Spit At Stars" is brilliantly uplifting!

Torn On The Platform

Spit At Stars

"My Yvonne" live at Manchester Academy

And the same song with his label-mate, Adele, live at The Astoria.

Worst Albums of 2007 - No.6

Manu Chao - Radiolina

He keeps making the same record, year after year - this is the fourth if I'm not mistaken. What at first seemed a novelty, fresh and original, now sounds boring. Joe Strummer supposedly cited him as a favourite artist. I cannot seem to find a reason why.

Raining In Paradise (directed by Emir Kusturica)

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