Saturday, November 15, 2008

Panorama Design 2008

Panorama Design is probably the biggest annual design event in Greece, a conference taking place in Halandri Art Centre on the 22nd and 23rd of November and again on the 6th and 7th of December. It's a creative hive for top Greek designers from the whole spectrum of design: analysing the way they get inspired and create through case studies. The program of the conference is enriched with the presence of important foreign designers.

So what will be happening there: The first day, 22nd of November, is Adobe D-Day! Adobe, famous for their graphic design oriented software, organize this type of seminars around the world, aiming at better providing quality services to creative people around the world. So after a run of successful presentations in Europe and the Middle East, it's Greece's time to host such an event!

Then we're on to Product Design day: dedicated to the third dimension of design, it will feature presentations from well know Greek designers working both in Greece and abroad. The site says that this type of seminar is done for the first time in Greece (dealing with the creative process of product and industrial design) but it has been done in Thessaloniki also for the last three years during the Design exhibitions in January. I hope this is better organized and more practical instead of theoretical. The designers speaking will be : Konstantinos Hoursoglou (chd - Lausanne), Vassilis Mylonadis (My design, Athens), Panos Vassiliou (Lime Studio, London), Vassilis & Stathis Petropoulos (Vast Design, Athens), Evgenios Skourboutis (Athens), Thomas Mylonas (dot kite lab, Amsterdam) and Sergios Fotiadis (we design, Athens). The conference is co-ordinated by Christopher Brellis (antidot design studio).

The two days in December will be filled with the visual communications aspect of design: graphic designers, illustrators, animators, directors etc. will be speaking to attendees on a multitude of aspects of design - the Panorama as we know it from previous years. Check the list of speakers. Victor Coen and Dimitris Arvanitis stand out, but the rest of the speakers really deserve your attention too as they are well known and very creative people in their respective fields.


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  2. @Μετεωρίτης¨καλώς το μου κι ας άργησε!!!! Εννοείται ότι θα τα λέμε! Μου λείψατε!!! Να μου φιλήσεις τα μικρά! Αθήνα δε ξέρω, ίσως μέσα στο Δεκέμβριο.

  3. έχει art center το Χαλάνδρι?????
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