Saturday, November 08, 2008

Miss Murphy, I'm Overpowered!

How can one describe the sheer force of this woman? How can one even begin to describe the diva herself? After having missed her Synch Festival appearance (Monika as well) last summer, I was determined not to miss seeing Roisin Murphy live when the opportunity came. And it did. On the eve of my name day celebration. And it was the best gift ever!

The concert started with the support act, Marsheaux, a local electronica band, perfectly fitting with the main act. But with everyone waiting for Roisin to appear, they had no chance. Their set was great and they deserve your attention. At one point Roisin passed in front of us, entering the venue (I was at the front line with Cookiebasher and Erisabetsu). Excitement grew tenfold, and soon the Marsheaux ladies left the stage.

The band soon appeared, taking their places, the wonderful ladies doing the vocals entered the stage with a robotic pace and, lo and behold, Roisin entered after them, causing delirium in the adoring crowd. She started with Overpowered, her first single from her latest album of the same name, wearing one of her eccentric surrealistic outfits as usual (the rack with her outfits is always on stage and she changes between songs or during them, making it a part of the spectacle - superb!).

She was so close to us it felt very intimate - I was under the impression she was singing especially for me! A human dynamo, singing, dancing, performing, Roisin gave her best self to us and we gave back love and adoration - no one stopped dancing throughout!

The middle of the concert was kind of acoustic, not in an unplugged kind of style but she performed some songs without heavy drums and beats, making them even more special. And having her sit in front of you singing is simply breathtaking! Shaking her hand was obviously exciting!

She performed not only her own songs (three from her first album, Ruby Blue) but also some of her former band, Moloko: It's Nothing, I Want You, Dr. Zee, I Can't Help Myself, Pretty Bridges, The ID) and the amazing Slave to Love (by Bryan Ferry) which was featured in a Gucci ad.

Extra kudos must got to the amazing band of hers and of course the two ladies doing back up vocals and dancing with her, they were superb (special mention must go to the drummer!).

After the concert, we were lucky to meet Roisin in person - she was very kind and accepting, despite having performed a very exhausting concert and signed the set list for me and Cookie. So, while others post Kalomira autographed posters (;-P), here is the Roisin setlist with her autograph and kiss!!! And, as the venue later opened as a club, she stayed on and danced with her group - awesome!

All photos by Stratos Bacalis.


  1. Ρεσιτάλ κουστουμιών...
    Χαίρομαι που το ευχαριστήθηκες τόσο πολύ...ότι καλύτερο για τη γιορτή σου ε;
    Χρόνια πολλά κι από εδώ αγαπημένε μου

  2. Λινκ με τραγούδι της κυρίας; Να ψάξω στο Youtube ή θα με φροντίσεις;
    Ζηλεύω γμ το...

  3. @elafini: κοστούμια και όχι μόνο - το είδες το ελαφίνι που φοράει στην τελευταία φωτό?

    @mamma: ήδη στο youtube ανέβηκαν τα πρώτα κλιπ από τη συναυλία! Μπορεί να δεις την αφεντομουτσουνάρα μου σε κανένα μπροστά στην Roisin! Αν θες, κάνεις κλικ στο όνομά της, σε πάει στο επίσημο site της όπου θα βρεις πολύ υλικό!

  4. a perfect night for a perfect name day! good for you

  5. δεν ήξερα οτι γιόρταζες....
    Χρόνια Πολλά έστω και καθυστερημένα.
    και ναι νομίζω τραγουδούσε μόνο για εμάς.

  6. Awwww! Love her! Would love to see her live. Glad you had a good time.

  7. @MenieK - Oh yes!!!

    @Erisabetsu-chan: Ευχαριστώ πολύ!

    @The Concrete Commentator: Thanks Jesse! If you get the chance, don't miss her!

  8. Χρόνια πολλά!!!! Κι ένα δωράκι

  9. Thanks mamma! Το έχω ήδη το site στα links του blog με τις κούκλες!!!

  10. Σουρεάλ βραδιά!

  11. @Cookie: ειδικά για σένα!!! Ελπίζω το καινούριο κινητό να μη το χάσεις! xoxoxo