Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Music makes the world go round....

Tonight I'm DJ-ing as every Wednesday at Cafe Nikis 35 in Thessaloniki, but tomorrow and Friday we have two amazing ladies singing for us:

Thursday night at Mylos stage we have Monika in concert.

...then Friday night the Queen of Disco, Roisin Murphy, sings at Vilka Area. What more can I ask as a gift for my name celebration day (Saturday)? Perfection!

P.S. I know the Roisin poster is from the Athens concert but I cannot find the local one. And while Monika's poster looks great - designed by Ant with photo by T-drom (excluding her profile sketch which I still don't like), Roisin's is looking a hack job at best...


  1. to ksereis oti i photo sto poster tis monika einai tou t-drom?

  2. Το ξέρω, όπως και ότι το πόστερ το έκανε ο Αντώνης... αλλά ακόμα το σκίτσο της δεν μου αρέσει...

  3. @ Concrete: Me too Jesse!