Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Syn_athr(0)isis - an architectural exhibition in Thessaloniki

From this Thursday, 21th of February, until Sunday 24th of February 2008, at the "CORONA" hall of HELEXPO, the architectural exhibition called Synathroisis (gatherings) is taking place.

Organized by TEE/TKM (Technical Chamber of Greece) in cooperation with HELEXPO AE, and taking place concurrently with Infacoma, it will present the work of ten relatively new architectural offices of international stature. Their exhibited projects research architectural systems as gatherings of units.

The exhibition has as its basic nucleus the presentation of contemporary architectural projects, where architects draw their inspiration from the total of communication codes called "algorithms" in computer language. The projects that are shown use scripting code during their digital design process, so that the swarm logic is the syntax logic of an architectural proposition.

On the opening day, 21st of February, at 19.30, architect Evan Douglis, Chairperson of Undergraduate Architecture Dept. of Pratt Institute NY, will give the inaugural speech. On Friday 22nd of February at 19.00, a presentation of his work will take place at the P. Panagiotopoulos amphitheater of the Polytechnic School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The curators of the show are architects Yiota Adilenidou, Sofia Vyzoviti and Christina Spilioti.

The set-up of the exhibition was done by Tetragon Ltd.


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