Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Inspiration: YSL menswear collection fall/winter 2008

Stefano Pilati is one of my favourite fashion designers. This season, as opposed to just changing the content of men’s fashion, he decided to toy with the context of its presentation, eschewing a catwalk show in favour of presenting a short film – which SHOWstudio prepared. Originally shown during the menswear collections in Paris earlier this month, the video is edited to evoke the passage of time – a day in the life of the Yves Saint Laurent Homme – as well as showcasing Pilati’s designs for Autumn/Winter 2008. Click here to view the whole film.

I love the choices he made for the colors, the smart idea behind the three screens, and the choice of music is impeccable. Below some images from the actual clothes - notice the bold use of colour, the shapes, the lines, the wearability of the outfits (there is of course some eccentricity but that is the point after all, we cannot all wear grey suits, so boring!).

Creative Director: Stefano Pilati
Directors: Chris Sweeney and Sarah Chatfield

Character: Simon Woods

Producer: Rhun Francis
Executive Producer: John Hassay
DOP: Gosta Reiland
Production Designer: Morgan Kennedy
Production Manager: Oliver Roskill
First Assistant Director: Jim Cole
Editor: Amanda James at Final Cut London
Editors: Dan Sherwan, Darren Baldwin at Final Cut London
Assistant Editor: Arriana Tomasettig at Final Cut London
Visual Effects Supervisor: Nick Bennett at Moving Picture Company
Film Colourist: Mark Gethin at Moving PIcture Company
Sound Effects: Peter Morris at Street Furniture

Hair: Christiaan
Make-up: Karim Rahman

Production Company: Colonel Blimp
Edit House: Final Cut London
Post Production: Moving Picture Company
Sound Mix Company: Street Furniture

Music: Michel Gaubert
Remake Soundtrack for Internet usage: Mix of "Sound of Silver" by LCD Soundsystem


  1. Well, independently of the fact that I find the collection very inspired, it is obvious that it endorses a new kind of male. I must confess I cannot imagine my M. with THIS kind of clothing...

  2. Your M. no... but I can see me in most of them...

  3. and you would look fabulous...

  4. Εγώ Στρατούλη μου...έτσι ακριβώς σε φαντάζομαι πάντως, και έχει απόλυτο δίκιο η ΜΕΝΙΕΚ:
    Θα είσαι υπέροχος!!!!

    Και δεν κατάλαβα δηλαδή βρε φίλη μου???? Τι θα έχει ο Μ. σου μ' αυτά τα ρούχα????? Χμμμμμ!....

  5. Αυτό που επισημαίνει η Μενιεκ για το νεο ειδος του αρσενικού, το ειχαμε επισημάνει προ οκταετίας με εναν συνάδελφο μου στην εφη.... μεσα από τα περιοδικά του ιταλικού τύπου. Και μας ειχε κανει εντυπωση, μαλιστα προτειναμε να γραφτει κατι,αλλα δεν.....
    κατα τα λοιπα, εγω που παρακολουθώ το γιό μου και τα μελη του συγκροτηματος που ειναι λιγο πιο καπως από το γιό μου, το καταλαβαινω....στο κατω κατω Στρατο μου....αλλάζουν αυτοί οι καιροί....

  6. i know you got SOUL !:-)

  7. Ha ham yes indeed I got SOUL! I will post about it on the Fashion Doll Chronicles of course:


  8. Anonymous6:40 pm

    το πράσινο σακάκι είναι κορυφαίο!!!

    (επιτέλους καταφέρνω να σχολιάσω! στα προηγούμενα απλά δνε τολμούσα!)


  9. yo! soulman. imoun sigouros oti eixes postarei fave poem paliotera. mallon ekana lathos. sou eriksa to mpalaki :p

  10. @ritsmas: μα πρέπει να αλλάζει ο άνθρωπος, είναι στη φύση η αλλαγή.
    Ενδιαφέρουσα η ιδέα περί άρθρου για τον νέο άντρα μέσω της μόδας...

    @krot: welcome!!!! Να σχολιάζεις συχνότερα!

    @dustroad: ετίμησα την πρόσκλησή σου όπως είδες! Να περνάτε συχνότερα φίλτατε.

  11. um....the smart idea of 3 screen, 'triptich' screen is actually totally copied from the works of Isaac Julien, a contemporary visual artist. Watch some of Isaac's videos they're amazing- and you will see this YSL video is near identical to his work in almost every aspect- music/use of symetry/atmosphere.

    Stefano Pilati's use of Isaac julien technique is nice though- gives an intelligent alternative to a show and of course beautiful clothes.