Monday, February 25, 2008

Inspiration: Tilda Swinton

In honour of one of my very favourite actresses: Tilda Swinton. The incredible Scottish (her mother is Australian and Tilda's family is one of the oldest in Scotland) actress with her indomitable style and incomparable talent, inspiring not only for directors (she was Jerek Jarman's muse and inspiration) but also for designers (Viktor & Rolf were inspired for their 2003 collection, Stefano Pilati for YSL & others).

She was awarded the Oscar for supporting actress last night, for her role in the film Michael Clayton. Always a formidable presence on screen and off, she mystifies audiences with her otherworldly physique and unique ability of transformation for each part:she inhabits the part completely.

Her bold choices of roles has resulted in a roster of films that vary from Derek Jarman΄s War Requiem to Disney's Narnia. Never one to shy away from demanding parts, she eerily portrayed Orlando in Sally Potter΄s film, playing an immortal that changes gender throughout the ages.

In a much talked about project, The Maybe, in 1995 she was herself an installation in London's Serpentine Gallery, on public display, asleep, or so it seemed, in a glass box. The following year, the performance/installation was repeated in Rome, at the Museo Baracco.

She lives in Scotland with her painter boyfriend and father of her twins. Her unconventional life has been talked about in Britain, as well as her radical political views.

In a magazine interview, the reporter asked her if her daughter plays with Barbies (as Tilda has talked against capitalism many times). Tilda answered that the little girl has never asked for toys except for one Barbie. Asked how she felt about that, she replied with a laugh:"Defeated".

Tilda studied Social and Political Science at Cambridge University, but changed courses and graduated in 1983 with a degree in English Literature.

Apart from film she has played on stage, notably with the Royal Shakespeare Company. She does not like the theatre though.

She has also appeared in the video clip for The Orbital's song "The Box"

She was declared one of the ten best dressed women in the world by Vanity Fair in 2007.


  1. yperoxi... eidika sta film tou Jarman
    kai parathetw ta logia tis

    "This is what I miss, now that there are no more Derek Jarman films: the mess, the cant, the poetry, Simon Fisher Turner's music, the real faces, the intellectualism, the bad-temperedness, the good-temperedness, the cheek, the standards, the anarchy, the romanticism, the classicism, the optimism, the activism, the glee, the bumptiousness, the resistance, the wit, the fight, the colours, the grace, the passion, the beauty.


  2. και είπα χτες στον Γιάννη
    "ρε συ, αυτή δεν έπαιξε στο Ορλάντο;"
    -ποιο Ορλάντο, θύμησέ μου...
    -τι να σου πω... άμα δεν το έχεις δει.. πάντως όχι το orlando στη Florida!!!

    Στράτο μου,
    ΘΕΑ η κυρία και χάρηκα που πήρε το αγαλματάκι.

    Όσο για τα δικά μας,
    ανάμενε mail ή τηλέφωνο, θα σου πω λεπτομέρειες σύντομα

    (εννοείται πως...
    κατάλαβες εσύ!!)

    φιλιά από τους μετεωρίτες!!

  3. καταπληκτική!!!!!
    Πολύ καλό αφιέρωμα

  4. καταπληκτική..

  5. Λατρεμένη...θύμησε μου, σε ποιά ταινία έκανε τον άγγελο?σπάω το κεφάλι μου από χθες

  6. Ήταν άγγελος στο Constantine - she was The Angel Gabriel

  7. [oh boi yes...
    προσωπικό highlight: 'edward ii']