Monday, January 14, 2008

Netherlands trip 2008 - part 1

I was again lucky to visit the Netherlands this January, as I had done last year. I was supervising the set up of the Greek National Tourism Board in the Vakantiebeurs Fair in Utrecht. We did a similar design to last year's successful one, a bit lighter and airier this time around. Check it out:

We changed the colour of the main construction to maple instead of wenghe, limiting the dark wood to floor covering only. Combined with white frames and the intense colours of the new campaign for tourism in Greece, it made the stand look fresher, cooler and more inviting to the visitors.

The main concept again was water: from the bubble prints on the plexiglass boxes framing the seating area of the cafeteria, to the backlit "water" print inside the rectangular white sofa in the middle to the blue transparent fish hanging from the ceiling (I threaded them all myself and Sakis artistically hanged them in random swarm movement from the ceiling), "swimming: between silk thread columns, the whole stand tried to evoke the blue Greek seas.

The new GNTO campaign fit perfectly with the chosen colour scheme. The campaign photos (with the worst photoshop editing I have seen in years - rushed job?) show a new, contemporary Greece, very attractive to visit and with a variety of things to see and do (and not only ancient ruins to admire). I hope it helps the Greek tourism industry in a positive way (i.e. attract more "good" tourism to Greece)

Once again, kudos to my crew, who did an excellent job in difficult environmental circumstances and tight time restraints, to our Dutch collaborators (TAO, our electricians and riggers (thanks Patrick and Peter!) , Atelier van Zijderveld, our graphics set up crew, the Vakantiebeurs team (thanks Marloes!), the Jaarbeurs Utrecht people, the GNTO Amsterdam office (thanks Sotiris!) and everyone else that contributed to our success.


  1. Πάρα πολύ όμορφη εικόνα δείξατε, Στράτο μου - το ζητούμενο πάντως είναι, η όμορφη εικόνα να γίνει και αληθινή...

    Εσένα μπράβο σου πάντως!
    Τα ψαράκια, φοβερά!!!

  2. ΣΤΡΑΤΟ,
    ζηλεύω!!! Ζηλεύω, ζηλεύω, ζηλεύω!!
    ΔΕΝ έχω πάει Ολλανδία ακόμα... γαμώτο!!

    Σε περιμένουμε Αθήνα!!!

    Φιλιά από τον Μετεωρίτη-Γιάννη,
    ετοιμάζεται να πάει και σήμερα να διαπρέψει... :)

  3. Πρωτη φορα απο εδω. Kαταπληκτική η δουλειά σου. Καλή συνέχεια :)

  4. Καλημέρα Στράτο ;)

    Ναι και καλά τώρα μη ζηλεύω, επειδή πήγες στην Ολλανδία, που εγώ ΔΕΝ έχω πάει....

    Πφφφ... Χάλια λέμε!!!! Μέσα στην υγρασία, κάτω απ' την θάλασσα, κινδυνεύουν και να βουλιάξουν, και.... Σιγά μην ήταν ωραία!!!!

    Χάλια!!! ΔΕΝ ζηλεύω ΚΑΘΟΛΟΥ!!!!

    (πράσινη έχω γίνει λέμε!!! - Γκρρρρ)

  5. Υ.Γ. Εδώ μέχρι και τα ψάρια στη στεριά βγήκαν λέμε!!!!!


  6. Να' μαι κι εγώ...
    Just lovely... Your work is just beautifulllllll!
    ξαναμπαίνω στο καβούκι γιατί βλέπω να με παίρνουν με τα λεμόνια εις το Λονδίνιουμ (Αστερίξ... ξέρεις εσύ!!!)