Friday, January 11, 2008

The new face of Flocafe unveiled in Glyfada, Athens!

Tetragon Ltd., the company I work for, is responsible for the new image of the Flocafe chain of cafés. The concept for it was finalized after many sessions with Vivartia officials and the design team, ending up in a number of distinct themes.

Flocafe is the biggest chain of cafés in Greece. It belongs to the Vivartia group, the largest food group of companies in the Balkans. Until now, the design of their franchise shops was not following specific guidelines regarding their image. Since the competition s getting stronger though, and with the expansion of Starbucks in Greece, they decided it is time for a change.

The main feature of all the themes of the concept is the repeated use of the spiral incorporated into their logo. That is achieved with a variety of materials and solutions, from lighting to print to constructions etc.

The new Flocafe in Glyfada is the pilot shop. Incorporating the "ecological" theme of the general concept, it features big semi-transparent eco-resin walls (from 3form) with enclosed plant parts in them. With light placed behind, they become an impressive eye-catcher both in the bar and in other areas of the establishment:

The main colour used in this version of the concept is red. It dominates a big partition running throughout the ground floor area, unifying all parts of the shop.

The shop was extended on the ground floor with a semi-permanent glass and metal construction, to allow for the maximum number of seats needed. As it serves food apart from coffee and snacks, various types of furniture were used to delineate these areas.

In the following picture of the upper level you can see the special device for helping people with disabilities use the stairs.

Lemon trees are used at the upper level to convey a sense of nature.

I hope to be able to post professional pictures when I have more material available.

All photos courtesy of Valentino Marengo/Tetragon Ltd.


  1. Nice! I especially like the "red" corner in the third picture - so warm and friendly.

    Keep it up!

  2. ωραίο το κάνατε