Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Great way to start a new year

I was in the Netherlands for 10 days, supervising the set up of the Greek stand at the Vakantiebeurs exhibition in Utrecht. The show was a success and so was the stand - many people, professionals and visitors alike, commented that it was the most beautiful of the whole show. You could see many people getting photographed within the stand's premises, especially under the main attraction, the hanging "postcards"! You can see below many photos of the stand, including a detail of the "rainfall" of postcards, which I made one by one, taking me slightly more than a whole evening, and then one great guy from our crew hang them from the false ceiling, again painstakingly one by one, working almost at a 5 meter height. Their movement from the air drafts, combined with that of the floss curtains, made for an exciting vision in the middle of the stand!
Kudos to all of my crew and the collaborating crews (electricians and graphics crew) for setting this up in time despite many problems, all the people from the show that helped us enormously and the GNTO people from the Amsterdam offices for their support.
In a next post, I will comment on the rest of the Netherlands trip, architecture etc. Happy new year to all of you.


  1. all these photos about makes me feel envy and i miss when i used to work in a comunnication firm...i want to come back! definetively!

  2. I was not aware of your job before now, but as you've read Neil Gaiman's works and enjoyed them, and have named yourself after the Sandman, you must henceforth be an interesting person.

    The arrangment of the hanging pictures is utterly beautiful. ;)