Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Greek National Tourism Organization stand

This year's International Book Fair at Thessaloniki had Travel as a theme. The Greek National Tourism Organization of course was asked to participate. Having had a good background history with them this year, we were selected to design their stand - and I did keep the look of the stand in line with our previous work for them in Europe.

They had an island stand, all sides were open. The "back" side was looking over the hall cafeteria, not a pretty sight. So I decided to place the storage room there and use the rest of the space for the other functions. The concept of the raining postcards was used again with great effect:this time I decided to add paper boats on the floor, supposedly made from book pages, to signify the travels that one can make simply by reading a book.

Again the curtains of floss strings were used on the long sides of the stand, making a light divide between the lounge area and the hall aisles. By using them at opposite sides and on different points, I managed to create the illusion from afar that the stand had the curtains all around it.

The need of a reception at the front was a bit overwhelming for the size and position of the stand, but we framed it with the olive trees in their big planters combined with literature holders, so it looked a bit better. Have in mind that the budget was really low for this and the time from getting the green light to the show opening was 5 days. That had to incorporate all material orders, printing the graphics and the actual set up.

I will be posting photos from this stand too as soon as they come in.


  1. I am really impressed with the stand. Nice job.


  2. Love the raining cards. Really nice.

  3. Whats up???? I want to see some new posts!!!!!!

  4. coming from a world of analytics, i am always impressed at visual creativity. extremely great job here! :)

  5. It looks very good. You are talented, man!