Monday, June 18, 2007

Ecology starts at home: Healthy Child Healthy World

Once upon a time there was a loving couple who had a wonderful child, their life's blessing. When they lost her at age 5, fro ma rare form of cancer, after trying to cope with their enormous loss, they started wondering if they could do something to help other children avoid this fate. This is the way CHEC (Children's Health environmental Coalition) was founded in 1991 by Jim & Nancy Chuda and Olivia Newton-John, their dear friend and Colette's godmother. Since then many years have passed and lots of things have happened regarding making home a safe and healthy environment for children. CHEC is now called Healthy Child Health World, and continuous to help parents understand the world they bring their child into and how to make it a safer place environmentally. With a special focus at home and the dangers lurking in it for children's health, it strikes a sensitive chord into every parent's heart.

Their website is a wealth of information and knowledge about many things regarding the environment and children. It is separated into six main categories:

1. Food and nutrition

2. Baby care

3. Prevention

4. Non-Toxic and Natural Products

5. Hazards and Threats

6. Sustainability and Lifestyle

They even have a blog, which is a very interesting read. You can donate for their cause and enlist in their mail list to receive periodical updates by normal mail or e-mail. Your children will thank you for it.

All photos courtesy of Healthy Child Healthy World

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