Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cut - a hair salon!

Today I am happy to post the photos of the Cut hair salon, a project done by two young Greek architects, Elina Karanastasi and Sofia Vyzoviti: the matrix_g.sea team. Although they both tend to work more with urban design and architecture, they do side projects like this - lucky for us! The hair salon is in Larissa, one of the biggest cities of Greece and birthplace of Elina.

The key word for the design process was the proposed name for the hair salon, "Cut". The narrow rectangular space was wrapped in a plasterboard envelope and eleven movable synthetic leather panels interspersed inside it to simultaneously create the areas needed for the salon to work and at the same time unite the space into one. Horizontal and vertical lighting cuts signal a succession of functional units. The synthetic leather panels were cut in eleven different patterns that work with gravity and combine designed and random optical filtering.

The whole feel is sci-fi meets Vogue - Peter Lindbergh must do one of his famous alien photo shoots here soon!

Check their blog for more photos of this space and to see their work - the ladies are very talented!


  1. Amazing! I think that a lot of hair salons in Athens would be willing to copy "Cut"'s interrior!

  2. What a fantastic Salon, I take my hat off to them both, they designed a modern and stylish space.