Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Archive: a unique space opens in Thessaloniki

CARTECO, one of the leading importers of decorative and architectural materials and furniture in Greece, has made a bold move in the course of perfecting its collaboration with designers and architects. THE ARCHIVE, opening in Thessaloniki first (Mitropoleos Street 127), will be a library of materials, architectural solutions and decoration that will also work as an exhibition space for architecture.

In a space of no more than 25 square meters, THE ARCHIVE collects most necessary tools for an architect in the realization of his/her projects. A big library of catalogues and samples from CARTECO and its collaborators, up to date publications from Greece and abroad about architecture, industrial design and graphic design, three I-mac computers with free Internet access as well as a projector connected to a computer available to the user for programmed presentations or free use of it for presentations to clients or colleagues or even a student presenting his thesis. There is also a WI FI spot with free fast Internet access so that the user can connect his own computer and work there. Dock stations for I-pods are also available - you can listen to your favourite music while working there too!

THE ARCHIVE is available 24 hours a day, with the use of a personalized entrance card. This card will be provided without charge to anyone interested, them of course being architects or designers or of relative field. This unique and breakthrough idea is a product of the never ending efforts of CARTECO to assist architects, interior designers and the design community, by giving them a sense of freedom for creativity, inspiration, study and work. THE ARCHIVE aspires to become a dynamic meeting point for creative people in the city, as through a series of events programmed throughout the year, it will keep in touch with Greek and international developments in architecture and design. So go get yourself a card, I have already registered!

THE ARCHIVE is the result of a creative team working alongside the vision of Vassilios P. Bartzokas, CEO of CARTECO. The space was designed by architects Katerina Kotzia and Korina Filoksenidou, while all communication design, environmental graphics and press items were designed by mnp.

THE ARCHIVE website was designed by beetroot design group. You can find more information there and also apply on-line for your entrance card. The site will soon be fully functional.

As mentioned earlier, guided by the wish to become a point of reference for the architects and designers of the city, THE ARCHIVE through “THE ARCHIVE episodes” will host a number of architectural events during the year. The premier episode will launch in October in coordination with the project “Athens by Sound”- Official Greek Participation in the 11th Biennale of Architecture in Venice, curated by Anastasia Karandinou, Christina Achtypi and Stylianos Giamarelos.

The “Athens by Sound” team will declare its presence in Thessaloniki inaugurating THE ARCHIVE episodes with a sound installation. Parallel to the exhibition in Venice and always in accordance with their project, the curators will bring selected Venice sounds to the city. The architectural event will begin in October along with the official opening of THE ARCHIVE, and will last until the end of the Venice Biennale on November 23rd.

P.S. Check out the Flickr photo set of the space in Thessaloniki.


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