Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What am I doing in Muzine 5?

One of my favourite magazines, Muzine, has released its 5th issue. It was supposed to be the summer one but it comes out in September - better late than never. Happily it deserves the wait.

Muzine #5 cover designed by ellij

The magnificent cover gives you a taste of what comes inside. First of all an amazing tribute to the connection of films and music called "MUZINEMA". Movies and records with the same title are presented/reviewed by the editors while they also try to find their real or imaginary connection. The incredible T-drom illustrates this whole section brilliantly. Next a touching interview and review of Scott Matthew by Markos Fragkos, followed by an equally excellent interview and review of Tom Baxter and his new release by Eleni Mitsiaki. Enteka writes his "They once said..." column, Christos Karras interviews the multitalented Spyweirdos, Aggelos K interviews a group from Thessaloniki called Your Hand In Mine, while Eleni Mitsiaki writes them a great review. Many other reviews from all the editors of the magazine are included (The Long Blondes, Adele, The Futureheads, Pale Young Gentlemen, Unforscene etc., my favourite ones by Makis Papasimakopoulos, Loan Me A Dime and Markos Fragkos) and of course the usual top-5 selections and many more articles. You can also see illustrations of talented Vassilis Bibas and Pan Pan, along with the regular Batonetta comic by Vassilis Kolettis and Stavros Dillios.

So what about the title of the post? you will ask. Well, Eleni Mitsiaki asked me, when she wrote her short story inspired by the collection "Watermark", edited by Maria Paroussi for EMI, if I could illustrate it. I know she can write amazing stuff, and reading it was no exception. I immediately said yes, fearing only I might not be able to do justice to her words. She and Muzine's publisher happily accepted the illsutration and you can see the result above this paragraph.


  1. it most certainly did it justice ;-)

  2. it's the greatest cover of all.. everything I saw on the net rocked... I'm waiting for the issue now... it must be the best so far.

    congrats for your illo. :)

  3. i bought it while dancing at reworks festival few days ago. that was the issue i loved the most:)
    keep walking
    some people love you

  4. I LOVE the sharpness and softness in the girl's lines.
    It's contradicting while so so real!

  5. Eυχαριστώ για την πανέμορφη εικονογράφηση :)

  6. @meniek: thank you my lady!

    @cooglis: thanks man, especially appreciated coming from you!

    @dimhap: wow, it's words like this that make me keep walking!

    @drama queen: thanks dear!

    @elafini: Η ευχαρίστηση όλη δική μου my viscountess.

  7. Nice one,it could be the record cover of some neo-folk singstress/songwriter!(Είπα να γράψω κ εγω στα αγγλικά...)

  8. το είδαμε τι έκανες, κι εσύ!!!

    Μπράβο Στράτο μας :)
    (τα υπόλοιπα από κοντά, ναι; )


  9. @another day full of dread: thanks thanks! Λες να αρχίσω τα εξώφυλλα? Χεχε

    @νατασσάκι: Ευχαριστώ! Είδα πόσο κοντά! ;-P

  10. γουάι ντου γουί σπικ ιν ίνγκλισ????

  11. @fallen angel: δατ ιζ α γκουντ κουέστιον! Μάλλον επειδή πήραν φόρα διαβάζοντας το ποστ!