Monday, November 12, 2007

Markides Pouliou:an exhibition about the first Greek newspaper publishers

The Educational Institute of the Union of Daily Newspapers of Macedonia-Thrace Editors organized an exhibition about the publishers of the first Greek newspaper, the brothers Markides Pouliou. Unknown to most Greeks, it was a chance to introduce them to the public and make their actions known. These diaspora Greeks, in their own publishing house in Vienna, in 1790, printed the first Greek newspaper called Efimeris (Newspaper), writing the first chapter in the history of Greek Press. This alone is reason enough for their names to remain in history forever:Georgios Markidis Pouliou and Poulios Markidis Pouliou.

But their contribution is much larger than that. Both fervent patriots, both intellectual children of the Neo-Greek Enlightenment, they were close collaborators of Rigas Feraios and publishers of his works (Thourio, Revolutionary Declaration, Declaration of The Rights of Man and of The Citizen). Many other works were published by them that helped the coming revolution in Greece at the time. The Institute also establishes an award in their name, to further signify the connection of their name and modern Greek Press history.

Tetragon was lucky to be selected as the designers and supervisors of the exhibition, taking place until the 31st of December 2007 at the Hall of the Educational Institute of ESIEMTH. Eleni Vretzaki designed the exhibition with the utmost respect for the material to be shown - among it one of the 17 copies ever made of the Rigas Feraios Carta (one of only six with known whereabouts, the rest have vanished), see below:

An interesting idea was the use of letters or groups of letters, set in a grid like a typographer΄s grid, to decorate the exhibits:

The design of the excellent graphics and banners of the show is by Thanassis Georgiou. Research and texts are by Christos Zaphiris from ESIEMTH. My colleague, architect Alexios Pissaridis, along with Eleni of course, supervised the setup.

Mr. Carolos Papoulias, the Greek President, opened the show on October 27th. The show will last until December 31st at the Educational Institute of ESIEMTH, at Morkentaou 1 and Nikis Avenue, in Thessaloniki - call +302310237004 for details.

All photos by Dinos Michail.

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