Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Inspiration: Lisa Gerrard concert in Pallas Theater, Athens, Greece, 11 November 2007

The cover of the tour program

Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard have always been an inspiration to me, especially when designing. Listening to some of their music makes me create some of my best work. Their combination of music and voice thrills and inspires me the most.

The stage at Pallas before the start of the concert

I had seen Dead can Dance live back in 1996 here in Greece. Now it was Lisa solo, playing at Pallas Theatre in Athens. Of course I could not miss this for the world. And luckily I did not.

The simple but effective stage was punctuated by two big curtains hanging from the rafters, illuminated with colour-changing light both from above and below. Nothing more was needed. Her voice and music is enough to travel you to the furthest reaches of the world, without the use of gimmicks or tricks. Her majestic presence, once she entered the stage, was even more pronounced from her austere hairdo and regal dresses (a white one for the first part, a dark one for the second part), made by her long-time friend, personal assistant and backing vocalist Andrew Hutton.

Always making weird gestures with her hands as she took her position before each song, whispering strange words to the microphone, she commanded attention from her rapt audience with just one look. Her voice, in impeccable form, swept from the lowest to the highest extremes, grabbing you from the heart and taking you with her inside the abyss of the human psyche.

With her was John Bonnar, on keyboards with Dead can Dance for many of their tours, Michael Edwards on piano and vocals and James Orr on electronic percussion. Their craftsmanship and dedication proved crucial to the excellent performance they gave that night.

She performed most of her well known songs, as well as Dead Can Dance songs. "Now We Are Free", "Dreams Are Made Flesh", "Yulunga", "Sanvean", "Salem's Lot", "In Exile", "Space Weaver", "Wandering Star", and others, including a newly written song (whose lyrics she read from paper), made our hearts overflow with sentiment. Many people were crying when listening to the music. I know my eyes welled up many times during that night. The girl next to me was sobbing during one song.

At the end, she gave a speech about the destruction of the environment and urged each and every one of us to do something about it. She then asked us to pray if we wanted to to this effect, with her final song. or simply enjoy he music. Then she started singing "Host Of Seraphim"...and I think, if this is not what one can listen to in Heaven, than one might as well choose Hell.

The back cover of the tour program

This is the set list as taken from the Avopolis review but I do not remember her singing "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" at all. The order does not feel correct either, for example "Host Of Seraphim" was the last encore. In brackets, songs mentioned in the program notes but not in the set list as published:

Now We Are Free
Dreams Made Flesh
Black Forest
In Exile
Serpent And The Dove
On An Ocean
Space Weaver
Wandering Star
The Host Of Seraphim
Wind That Shakes The Barley

Thank you Lisa for this unforgettable experience.

Photos courtesy of Stratos Bacalis, scans of the program made by Stratos Bacalis.


  1. she's just amazing (too too too bad i missed that)
    thanks for the song links


  2. I wish i was there!

  3. πω, πω, έχασα, ε!!

    Αλλά οι dead can dance κάποτε, ε..!

    Φιλιά ΣΤΡΑΤΟ μου από μια βροχερή Αθήνα!

  4. dead can dance - into the labyrinth


  5. α!
    αν βαζεις μετριασμο σχολιου, δεν ειναι αναγκη να εχεις και word verification

    ειναι λιγο σπαστικο.

  6. Καλημέρα Στράτο!!! Όλα καλά???
    Ωραίο φαίνεται το blog σου, αλλά δεν έχω την υπομονή να διαβάζω λέξη - λέξη αγγλικά που συνήθως...δεν καταλαβαίνω....
    Χαθήκαμε! Έλα στου Ίντι καμιά βόλτα να τα πούμε!

  7. bushidomonk4:24 pm

    An excellent review, sir! Very nice photos to support your impressions too.

    And fear not: I am sure that The Host of Seraphim truly is a glimpse from Heaven!


  8. Δε φτάνει που είχα ΉΔΗ μετανοιώσει που δεν πήρα εισιτήρια, ήρθε και το ποστ και με αποτελείωσε...
    Να μάθω την άλλη φορά να μην είμαι προκατειλλημένη με χώρους και επιχειρηματίες :(

  9. Πολύ όμορφο - και το ξέρω ότι πέρασες τέλεια!

    Και στην επόμενη - φιλιά ;)

  10. You lucky bastard - you actually saw this concert? Lisa is totally unique. Love her voice.

  11. It looks so good in the post.
    Many thanks for your nice posting, I like it.