Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vinyl Records become jewellery...

Having grown up in the vinyl age of records, I always have had a fetishistic relationship with them. The whole ritual of getting the record out of the sleeve after having read every minutiae of information on it, from titles and producer to art director and photographer plus all the credits, putting it on the turntable and listening to music filling the room was very special for me. The smell, feel and look of the vinyl made it precious to me - not to mention the music recorded on it.

Photo of rare Live in Chicago Dead Can Dance LP - surely not to be recycled into jewellery!

Imagine my surprise when, through The Fabulist, I discovered the website of a company making jewellery out of vinyl records. Making stuff out of old vinyl records is nothing new, I have seen even bowls made out of them (yuk!). But the jewellery of Vling! is something quite unique.

My favourite is the cassette necklace - sentimental reasons of course!

Other music related designs - which seem more appropriate to me and best designed (the rest of the stuff looks uninspiring) are a guitar, musical note, the word Rock and a gramophone that looks like a Grammy award:

The company is based in the U.S. They have also a page on MySpace. They even take custom orders, like names written in vinyl. They do ship worldwide and you can e-mail them here for questions. I can think of many records that I would never give up to be recycled but also of many I would gladly see turned into better looking stuff!


  1. Although it seems a great idea, just thinking of records being destroyed makes me sad.

  2. jewellery ή φαγώσιμοι… σαν το logo της εταιρείας...

  3. εγώ, πάλι (ΚΑΛΗΜΕΡΑ!!), πάνω που πήγα να δεθώ με τα βινύλια, έσκασαν μύτη τα cd's και βρήκα την υγειά μου!!
    Είμαι πάρα πολύ βιαστική και απρόσεκτη, οπότε η ευκολία των cd's με βόλεψε! Όλοι μου οι δίσκοι ήταν γρατζουνισμένοι, έγραφα πάνω τους, ζωγράφιζα καρδούλες...! Οπότε..

    Άφησε που ποτέ μου δεν είχα ΜΚ2.
    Αυτά είανι πικάπ!!

  4. I never get attached to objects so, though I too grew up with vinyl records, I must admit I only see them, now, as museum items and don't miss them at all. The sound quality of cd's is far more satisfying and they're much more practical. Nice blog, although, I don't see the point for it to be englishspeaking :)

  5. Actually it is English speaking because it is a way for me to communicate my work to colleagues and friends abroad. Most of my readers are from outside Greece. But of course everyone can comment in any language they feel comfortable in.

  6. Ok got it...Now that I reread my comment I find it inapropriate...Sorry for the criticism, didn't mean to be rude

  7. Not rude at all! Any criticism with good intentions is welcome!!!