Friday, October 19, 2007

Emily Campbell's time capsule

From the British Council website:

"Emily Campbell, born in Liverpool in 1966, is the British Council Arts Group's first Head of Design & Architecture. Since her appointment in 1996, her critical expertise in design has shaped an extensive programme with three objectives: to enhance Britain's international reputation for creativity; to increase understanding of design in the world at large; and to enlarge the international perspective of design in the UK. Emily commissioned the British Pavilion at the last two and the current (2006) Venice Biennale of Architecture; as well as the first major international design exhibitions to tour India and China in 2003. A series of critical debates, including How Global is Design? at the V&A in 2005 and My Kind of Town at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2006 continues with The Silk Route: Gone for Good in London in March 2007. Emily has a BA in English Literature from Cambridge, a diploma in clothing technology from the London College of Fashion and an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale School of Art. Before joining the British Council she had been a pattern-cutter for the fashion designer Jean Muir, a project manager at Pentagram in London and a graphic designer with Michael Bierut at Pentagram in New York, where she created visual identities and campaigns for Brooklyn Academy of Music, Nickelodeon and Princeton University. She is on the RIBA Awards Group and the Jury for Designer of the Year 2006".

In a recent interview at Three Layer Cake, she mentions the items she would put in a time capsule to say the most about her and the times we live in. Here they are:

1. Apple's iPod

2. An animation by Daniel Brown.

3. A cow bench by Julia Lohmann:

4. Doshi Levien's Charpoy, produced by Moroso:

What would you put in a time capsule to define the age we live in design-wise?

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