Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rotterdam: Woontorens Boompjes= Clipper, Schoener en Galjoen

A triplet of towers, build in 1989. Each has a name of its own, tribute to the Dutch ships (Clipper, Schoenen & Galjoen are all types of ship) sailing the world in the era of their trade empire. Designed by Klunder Architecten, they are situated near the Maas river. I love the effect of the different colored lighting.

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  1. this is amazing, we don't have buildings like this in my city. However, when they built the new police station...they messed up on the lighting on the top. and instead of it having a constant blue light, it now has what we call "party lights" and it fades from green, to purple, to blue , to orange , etc. It is quite amusing. and matches the art school across the street that has constant color changing lights that shine at night. You have some really great pictures. thanks for sharing