Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rotterdam: Blaak Station

One of the most famous areas in Rotterdam, Blaak is the place where the Willem de Kooning Kunstacademie is located, as well as the Public library and the impressive Blaak train/metro station (1993), of which the dome you can see in the middle is the only visible part. Blaak means "still water" in a Dutch dialect. the station was designed by architect Harry Reijnders of Movares. The dome has a diameter of 35m and the bow above it has an over spanning of 62.5m. When I took the photograph, I was standing at the area reserved for the bi-weekly market.
Right behind it, way on the left, are the famous Kubuswoningen, the cube houses, built in 1984 by Piet Blom.


  1. Great new shots Sandman. What if anything do you think a people or nations choice of architecture says about their cultural identity?

  2. I also apreciate Rotterdam city - lovly for a long weekend.