Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rotterdam: Hoge Heren

Across the street from the Golden Tulip Hotel near the Erasmus Bridge, a twin tower residential building, 102m high, it was completed in 2000. 34 floors, it has a garage at the base. I love the green lights of the garage, it offsets the anthracite color of the buildings so nicely. The architect is Wiel Arets.
The blocks house 210 high-quality apartments of which 51 are fully or semi-furnished serviced apartments. The costs for the apartments per night are comparable to hotel accommodation. However, instead of 30 m2 of impersonal space, the occupants have an average of 120 m2 of living space at their disposal. And of course a view to the let me see, where does one find which companies have personnel living here?

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