Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A call for Greek designers

A few days ago I received this great e-mail from the well known in Greece CARTECO company, inviting the Greek designers from every section to sell their products through a dedicated website. I think it is a great opportunity so I post their "invitation" here:

CARTECO addresses an invite to GREEK industrial designers, graphic artists and artistic groups, who produce their products in small or large scale, manufactured, handmade or not, to a limited number or to order, and have a given business policy, to submit product details and information such as pictures etc. for sale in Greece and abroad through the new on-line store CARTECOSHOP.GR, which is under construction and will be soon on line.

The deadline is the end of February. It is not mandatory for participants to have a comprehensive collection or refined presentation, but certainly this will help. What interests us is for them to be able to guarantee quality and good design of the product and be consistent with our company and consumers. Be careful, we do not want to experiment with your ideas for the first time. We want ideas that are implemented and ready to fall in the market and become known to consumers. The product categories are general, i.e. objects, lighting, furniture, artwork, gifts, jewelry, silk screens, posters, textiles, etc. There is no restriction. Just be sure to get us all the necessary information quickly and to make us understand in as few words as possible exactly what it is that you do. The sales agreement for your projects through our website and our network is NOT exclusive and is not binding for any reason without any written agreement. Failure to accept the sale of products through our e-shop does not mean anything about the quality or the level of your work. We just cannot accept all the proposals or to cooperate with everyone. The products will be delivered to us finished, ready to pack for sale. Our company does not intend to enter a process of production, research and development of your project. If you are interested in selling or promote your products through our network, send us by e-mail to vpbartz@gmail.com the following:

  • Black and white photograph of the designer or group
  • Name and surname of the designer and the team
  • Contact details, telephone, email, website or blog, Address.
  • Small biography, information about previous activities, projects
  • Products that are likely to be released or sold in our market or other shops. Up to 10 photos for each product that we propose for sale in our online store at the required resolution. Variations of the product. Potential variety of colors, versions, designs, etc. Product description, dimensions, materials. Delivery time by order of the day and whether there is a minimum order. Method of payment to you, your team or manufacturer.
  • Sample if available (if in the end you are picked for the shop, you will be asked for one)
  • Category sales and use, eg Artwork, sculpture, gift, furniture, etc
  • Jpeg low resolution images (for web) in 2 sizes: 114X114 pix and 222X222 pix
  • Text (in 2 languages): 250-300 words (1500-2000 characters including spaces)

Once selected, we will contact you to discuss the details of our cooperation and to require additional material to be posted on the website. Thank you very much for your attention and interest in cooperation.

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