Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2008 Top-20 Countdown - No.5

The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age Of The Understatement

The girl that launched a thousand reviews... The amazing photograph that graces the cover of the first album by The Last Shadow Puppets (Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner and lead singer of The Rascals, Miles Kane) has probably been the most written about album cover of this year. But the album is also one of the best to come out in 2008, making even those of us not too keen on Arctic Monkeys music sit up and listen. With a proper mix of orchestral 60's pop (courtesy of Scott Walker and legendary arranger David Axelrod according to the Puppets), wit, drama and panache, the kids made us all bow to their craftsmanship. The songs are brilliant, most of them already sounding like classics, while the production by James Ford, of Simian Mobile Disco (who also plays drums here) is impeccable, aided by the exquisite arrangements of Canadian Owen Pallett (aka Final Fantasy and former member of the Arcade Fire's string section).


  1. Οσο ακούω το ομότιτλο τραγούδι και το standing next to me, τόσο περισσότερο διαπιστώνω πόσο αξεπέραστο δίσκο έβγαλαν οι μικροί...

  2. τελικά είμαι η τελευταία που έμαθε γι αυτούς.

  3. Anonymous6:10 pm

    A Αυτή με τα photoshop πόδια


  4. Εγώ ακόμα επιφυλάσσομαι - μπορεί να μην είχαν φωτοκατάστημα τότε αλλά τρελά μοντάζ κάνανε... η φωτό ολόκληρη δεν υπάρχει ούτε στο βιβλίο! :-P

    Θα μου το χτυπάς πολύ ακόμα ε? ε? ε?

  5. Αστον να λέει Στράτε μου
    (σιγά μην είναι αληθινά τα πόδια :ppp)

    Μ'αρέσει, και το είδα σε πολλές λίστες στα πρώτα, τελικά :))