Saturday, December 06, 2008

2008 Top-20 Countdown - No.15

Tom Baxter - Skybound
British singer/songwriter Tom Baxter has been a perennial critic favourite ever since his début album "Feather And Stone" back in 2004. This did not change with his sophomore release, "Skybound". released at the beginning of this year. The combination of his mesmerizing voice with clever songwriting, understated guitar and piano melodies, seems to be destined for mass popularity; the album charted at #12 in the UK charts and hit no.1 in Eire. With a more jazzy feel and a concept emerging (the journey from boy to man) his distinct melodies, although sounding too sugary in songs like "Better", do merit more than a casual listen. The darker undertones and lyrics show that there's more than meets the eye in Tom, and he's getting better every time.


  1. Icarus wings kai ksero pswmi. poly kalo olo to cd