Thursday, May 29, 2008

Muzine party in Thessaloniki - 30/05/2008 - and Muzine 4 is out too!

This Friday (30/05/2008 at 22:30), Muzine magazine is throwing a party for it's Thessaloniki friends at Nikis 35 café-bar, with the co-operation of Highlights magazine. Some of the magazine writers (Elafini, Aggelos, Enteka, Nektarios) will be there to share their music knowledge with us, and also hit the decks too, along with the other usual suspects! We expect some serious fun here people! Of course everyone is invited!

Meanwhile, the 4th issue of Muzine has hit the streets: having just finished reading it (it was delivered personally into my hands by the publisher no less), I must say it is one of their best issues so far. Some of the interviews, reviews and articles are exceptional: Soti Triantafyllou (famous Greek writer) writes about concerts that have marked her life, Enteka about Lena Platonos, Elafini has an interview with Trouble Over Tokyo (with a special review by Markos Fragkos). Also illustrations by the talented T-drom, Dustroad (for Soti no less) and Pan Pan (for Enteka's R.E.M. piece). And to cap it all a very interesting conversation of the writers about "alternative" or "indie" music scene, with additional comments by music insiders such as Mixalis E. and veteran music writer Argyris Zilos. Do not miss it!!! It will also be on sale at the 5th International Book Fair of Thessaloniki - check out Haramada Publications at Stand 64, Pavilion 13.

Update 30/05/08: unfortunately Aggelos, will not be joining us.


  1. ορίστε!!! κι εμείς δεν το διαβάσαμε ακόμη :P
    χαίρομαι που σου άρεσε πάντως :)

    (άντε και στο επόμενο cover)

  2. Ελπίζω να καταφέρω να ετοιμάσω ένα μέσα στις επόμενες δύο εβδομάδες!!!

  3. έκθεση θα πάμε ή μονο στα μπαράκια θα με σέρνεις? χαχαχα

    Αύριο έχουμε meeting! Μην ξεχνάς

  4. @mad:φυσικά και θα πάμε, κάθε μέρα εκεί θα είμαι!!!

    Σιγά μη το ξεχνάω! Μ'αφήνεις? Ε? :-P

  5. @cookie basher:of course!

    @Jordan: it sure will! It would be even more if you were here too!!!

  6. Anonymous10:08 am

    it was nice meeting you