Friday, October 22, 2010

Afu Custom Furniture

 The Afu shop in Kolonaki, Athens

Knot series

Dimitris Tsigos is a very talented Greek architect. His latest venture is Afu Custom Furniture and he send us a letter for it:

In our latest enterprise, our objective
was to introduce to the public the results of our ongoing research in
the fields of advanced geometries and modern CAD/CAM methodologies.

Therefore we have opened up a concept store in Athens, Greece where we exhibit furniture pieces and objects designed by us.

To get a better idea of the concept and see all the designs, we are glad to present you with the following options:

1) Visit the afu store!

8 Haritos St. Kolonaki
Athens, Greece, 10675

2) Visit the afu website:

3) Visit the afu facebook page, by clicking on the link.

For all comments – enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us:
T +30 210 7210148

Best regards,

Dimitrios Tsigos
Chief designer

Another Afu shop view

 The finished products look incredible - Usus series

Tractus series in the shop

 Fluctus series


  1. Wow, its so amazing..!now they look really good & stylish!
    I'm sure they fit with almost every outfit.

  2. I very much admire the smoothness of the table in the first picture but all of the designs are particularly sophisticated and practical at the same time. They have a space-age look about them that appeals to my own style and taste. I wonder if they design any kind of storage pieces with the same elegant aspects.