Sunday, July 04, 2010

Summer mobile for the veranda

Since Summer is well under way, with hot weather and holidays around the corner, here is an idea for decorating a big space - especially for the veranda of your summer home or your balcony. Take a nice piece of driftwood, hang from it small bottles of ouzo (or tsipouro) or whatever coloured pieces of rounded glass you can find and you have a lovely mobile. And yes, if you drink them all, you got yourself a nasty hangover coming up!

Photo taken by me in Alonissos in 2008


  1. That's a great mobile for an alcoholic! If the wind blows it serves as a noise maker as well. Nice.

  2. Indeed! I did write a warning about the hangover though!

  3. What a good project idea for my next party :)

  4. wow!!!
    what a great idea!!!!
    if you put water in them as well at different levels,they'll have different sounds when they hit each other in the wind!!!
    καλησπερα στρατο μου!!!

  5. υπέροχο.... Ξεκινά την κατασκευή και εμείς θα το αγοράσουμε. Με μια πρόχειρη κοστολόγηση: μια εβδομάδα στον Λόγγο (να το εγκαταστήσεις κι όλας με τον Μ.) είναι μια λογική τιμή :-)

  6. @Meniek hmmmm ενδιαφέρον ακούγεται!