Sunday, June 20, 2010

The mysteriously beautiful lamps of Roger Borg

Roger Borg is an American designer, who specializes mainly in designing lamps but also extends his work to include sculpture and paintings. His lamp designs are of course very sculptural and unique, mainly influenced by the source of light used and transofrming that into shapes. A very characteristic example of this is his Split Stack series.

Here he uses neon light as the lamps sole material, transforming it into a minimal chandelier shape. In his words:

"this lamp focuses on the conflicting nature of the three dimensional cylinder and its transition into a two dimensional plane. the further its arms extend outward from the center, the more accentuated this dichotomy becomes. As to the name, it is a twofold reference to its split personality vacillating between flatness and three dimensionality, as well as relating to its form, which traces the separation of a single line into two, and then the subsequent cleaving of those branches."

Find more about Roger and his work in his website (thanks to designspotter).

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  1. Love this article. Light design is a unique art that is often understated. Thank you for sharing.