Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update: The Archive Episode 2: First day photos

I attended The Archive: Episode Two opening at the Archive space of Thessaloniki. The set up was brilliant, a single shape running around more than half the space, made of many separate smaller shapes of PVC laser cut and printed with the images and drawings of the three architects that designed the Central Square of the Municipality of Thermi: Dimitris Kontaxakis, Maria-Eleni Kosmidou and Spiros I. Papadimitriou. The last day of the event is today, so anyone who has not seen it yet, it is your last chance (access to Archive members only, but you can still see it from the outside if you are not a member).

A projection was also made on the undulating surface.

On the small digital screens one could see a slideshow of the preparation for the event.

The image that greets passers-by from the shop-window.

Another series of photographs of the square. The little blue LED light strip on top of the exhibition surface was an interesting finishing touch.

Dimitris Kontaxakis, Maria-Eleni Kosmidou, Vassilios P. Bartzokas, Spiros I. Papadimitriou, Korina Filoxenidou and Katerina Kotzia

Lots of architects, designers and people that love design and architecture came to the event.

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