Monday, October 20, 2008

Va-va-voom: Christina Hendricks shashays down Mad Men

Since I discovered Mad Men earlier this year, I have been obsessively watching every single episode, waiting to see what happens each week in the Sterling Cooper ad agency. The series is amazingly well executed (writing, directing, acting) and the costumes and sets play a very important part in giving you the feel of the 60's.

Of course the actors have to look like they belong to the era too - so no skinny models or pumped up metrosexuals here either. Men look like men and women look like women (or at least how they are supposed to have looked way back then). So it is no surprise really that one name comes up more often than others when people talk about the series: Christina Hendricks.

Cristina plays Joan Holloway in the series, the "queen bee" of the secretary pool. She matches the part very well, playing a vampy and smart lady that knows what she wants and how to get it. She's Marilyn with brains: that makes her even more sexy. When she's on screen one can rarely pull his eyes away from her - she's all you see.

Always impeccably dressed and groomed, Christina has won accolades from peers and critics for her portrayal of Joan. She knows her assets and she totally commands the office, making all junior secretaries afraid of her. Her wardrobe contributes to that - always form fitting clothes, with fashionable silhouette, jewel colours and, oh those red hair!

Let's see what Christina says about Joan:
"Joan is a person I sometimes wish I could be," Christina, 30, admits. "She's a presentation—I don't think she ever lets anyone see who she really is. She's very confident and pulled together." And as for her trademark wiggle? "I've always had a bit of a walk—this girl's got hips—but on the show it's exaggerated. The first day, I put on those [retro] undergarments, and I was walking around the office like, boom, boom, boom! They called 'Cut,' and I turned to [creator] Matt Weiner and said, 'That was Joan.' And he said, 'That was Joan.' It all just dropped into place."

Good thnk is she is not afraid to show off her curves (all natural if you please) in real life too - her form hugging, cleavage exposing green gown at this year's EMMY awards was the talk of the town.

The styling of the clothes has already influenced designers across the world - you might be seeing these styles in your local shops sooner than you think.


  1. oops! another gorgeous lady...
    Well, despite, all your efforts I won't be intimidated... no I won't!

  2. πού το παιζει αυτό το πραγμα, καλέ μου ;

  3. @meniek: Είπαμε, εσύ δε χρειάζεται να ανησυχείς!

    @ritsmas: Δυσυτχώς μόνο στις ΗΠΑ αγαπητή Ρίτσα. Ας είναι καλά το διαδίκτυο...

  4. αν κ ο τυπος απο το desperate housewives & sex and the city ειναι πολυ antipathetic, θα το κατεβασω γιατι φαινεται ενδιαφερον..

  5. O Slattery? Κι εδώ αντιπαθής είναι, του πάει γάντι. Αν θες μπορώ να σου δώσω όλα τα επεισόδια 1ου - 2ου κύκλου (πλην του τελευταίου που θα παιχτεί την Κυριακή που μας έρχεται).

  6. oh my very refreshing to see a woman with all those curves on TV. As someone who has a few curves myself, it's nice to behold:)

  7. @Maryam: if curvy women were featured more prominently in TV, films and magazines, many people - women first - would be very very happy!

  8. Homina, homina, homina....