Thursday, March 20, 2008

Drew Barrymore's office - colour galore!

The US edition of Domino magazine has actress and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore's production company offices as their cover story for April. She hired designer Ruthie Sommers to help her decorate and the results, while not my cup of tea style wise, are great:stylish, elegant and very personal (as all great interior design should be).

The reason it stands out for me is the use of colour: bold, ingenious and eccentric, it makes each room of the building stand out, while acting as a great background for furniture and accessories.

The kitchen

The concept was named "un-office": a space looking more like a home-away-from-home, chic, relaxed and reflecting each partner΄s personality. The office incorporates an eclectic collection of styles and artefacts.

The "powder room"

I also liked the quirky use of personal items and furniture, like the old record player in a suitcase in the pic below:

I really dig Chris Miller's office space. He is the production vice-president of Flower Films. His favorite feature is a recess in the L-shaped room that Sommers turned into a bar. "It really is fun," he says. "And on a bad day, that I-could-have-a-whiskey thought is a serious comfort."

Chris Miller΄s minimal desk - get me one!

The bar corner at Miller's office.

The wall covered with numerous pictures is amazing - it really gives me ideas...

Drew is looking lovely in the photo spread and it seems that everyone working there must be enjoying the new décor - and why shouldn΄t they:

Check out the use of brown and beige/gold at the photos above left-looks great!

The photo below shows the entrance corridor - the amazing red door with an antique door knob makes a bold statement. I hope you all enjoyed peeking at Drew΄s office as much as I did!

Footnote: compare the above with the Greek edition...


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