Sunday, May 27, 2007

For inspiration

This is one of the best US Vogue covers (May 2007) in a while... the colors, photography, models (finally models are again on the cover), setting and clothes are all perfect. This photo is an inspiration in so many ways.

Photography courtesy of Conde Nast/Vogue US. Photographer: Steven Meisel. Fashion Editor: Tonne Goodman. Hair: Garren for Garren NY/L'Oreal Paris. Make up: Pat Mc Grath for Max Factor. Set Design: Mary Howard Studio. The models' names are on the pic, click on it to see a bigger version. Any bets as to who will really be a supermodel? (note that the tag line on the cover says top models, not super models...).


  1. Hey Sandman,

    I love this cover. It is time for the return of the supermodel. They keep dragging the same girls back from the 90's and while I happy that they continue to have long careers, i would love to see some new stars.


  2. Anonymous4:01 pm

    I agree.. The colors are perfect. I bought it immediately at the airport. Anna Wintour is great. Elina

  3. i actually picked up this issue because of the cover as well. gorgeous, gorgeous girls - am digging the freshness they bring to current fashion.

  4. I adore the combination of the withe shirts and all the georgeous blue colours in the skirts. An ofcourse the girls alltough I miss Iselin Steiro.

  5. Anonymous8:41 am

    the fashion industry really killed the supermodels. looks at them they're not as glamourous as the Big Six. i highly doubt anyone can recognize them in the mall.