Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Thrill And The Hurting

Once, a year or so ago, Kyla, a nice young lady I met on a Kate Bush forum, Homeground, had an idea about making a nice collection of art inspired by Kate Bush, made by her fans, and handed over to her. Now it has become a lovely little book which has thrilled all of us that contributed to it and finds lots of admirers even outside the Kate Bush fandom. The book is called The Thrill And The Hurting, from a lyric of Kate. You can order it from Amazon.co. uk by clicking on the title of this post. You can see the cover here and my two contributions: two oil & pastel paintings of Kate Bush from the Running Up That Hill video clip. Enjoy.

The cover:

The first painting - actually the small one but it takes up a whole page in the book:

The second painting which is larger but takes up two thirds of a page in the book, ending up looking smaller than the previous one:

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